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Helensburgh, Wollongong, Unanderra, Port Kembla, Shellharbour, Albion Park, Gerringong, Gerroa, and surrounding suburbs
Sutherland Shire:
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We bring Cleanliness to life.
Call 0418 972 900

Carpet Cleaning

Fresh carpets and rejuvenated fibres deep into the pile.

We provide professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services that match your requirements at a reasonable price. Our deep cleaning system uses self-neutralising chemicals that flush the dirt and pollutants from your carpets, leaving them fresh and their fibres rejuvenated.

Our carpet cleaning chemicals and shampoos are:
non toxic
biodegradable, and
fast drying
for a completely professional result.

Our portable equipment is easily transported up high rise buildings or hard to get to places.

Your carpets retain their optimal colour and appearance as we use Hot Water Extraction—also known as Carpet Steam Cleaning— the most effective method of carpet cleaning as the entire length of yarn is cleaned. It is by far the preferred method as well as the one most recommended by manufacturers.

CleanStrip uses the following process to clean carpets deeply and thoroughly:
1. Vacuum the carpet with a high powered vacuum cleaner to remove as much dirt and soiling as possible
2. The carpet is then examined, and any obvious stains identified and spot cleaned as necesary, using a relevant stain remover.
Please Note: where stains have dyed or discoloured the yarn these stains cannot be removed
3. Using a pressurised spray unit, we pre-spray the carpet with a commercial carpet cleaning solution (detergent) and allow the solution to penetrate the yarn
4. We then use a carpet cleaning machine that injects a solution of hot water and mild deodoriser into the carpet or rug
5. The mixture (detergents) is then powerfully extracted by the machine, leaving your carpet looking and smelling like new, but most importantly, as free of soil and microbes as humanly possible
6. The carpet is then raked with an extraction wand to remove excess much water
7. A final quality assurance check is undertaken before we remove our equipment and leave the site clean and tidy

Please Note: In heavily stained areas additional stain spotting may be required.

Rug cleaning is also available on and off site.

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We bring Cleanliness to life. Call 0418 972 900

CleanStrip is a well-established family owned business in the Illawarra and Sutherland Shire regions. We believe our dedication to providing friendly, quality, and professional cleaners and cleaning services has been the key to our success.

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